A club for women triathletes supporting your athletic and life goals 

Get to the start line with your sanity intact

Team Poppy all the way

Ready? How Team Poppy Sports works

Team Poppy Sports is an accountability group for women with athletic goals. It doesn't matter whether you're a new or a pro-athlete; as women we ALL have the same challenges. 

What makes us different at Team Poppy Sports?  

No athlete is turned away, there is no application process and no vetting. And we support YOU - not the other way around.  

Team Poppy Sports is open to any and all women with our one mission; to empower women to be the athletes and wome they want to be on their terms

What Do Women Athletes Need? 

At Poppy Sports, we understand the reality of being a woman and an athlete! 

We launched Team Poppy Sports to support you. We share experiences as committed athletes, runners, triathletes, cyclists or whatever your chosen fitness goal.

Each of us in the team - leaders and members - are dedicated to help each other to the start line (be it a race or a life goal) with our sanity intact!

Who is a Team Poppy Sports Member?

Simple. Team Poppy Sports is for every woman with an athletic goal. We have 5k athletes all the way to Ironman triathletes. 

Everyone is welcome, and everyone has a part to play in this team.

Join the team for $18/month or pay annually up front with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Join Team Poppy Sports

$18/month or $216/year

What You'll Enjoy As A Member of Team Poppy Sports

For a wallet-friendly $18.00/month you'll get access to the Poppy Sports Members' Club's simple yet proven accountability program that will help you grow as an athlete and as a person. 

Read on for all that's included with your membership.

Freckled friends at Poppy Sports

Community & Retreats

Meet your fellow team in our online hub. 

Here you'll find like-minded athletes and have access to triathlete, running and swim coaches to answer your wildest training questions.

We offer spring training retreats to start the training season.

Poppy Sports Challenges

Monthly Challenges

Every month we set a new team challenge. Every month you get the chance to rock it! 

The challenges are not only training-related, they're also life-related. After a year we're confident you'll be stronger as an athlete and more confident as a woman.

Support and accountability

Accountability & Support

Even the best of athletes need help to keep on track. You'll get advice on how to keep motivated, how to build your goals and reach them. 

Need some extra help? Our monthly hangouts online are where you'll find the space to share your thoughts.

Sweet Deals & more

As a team member you qualify for a 20% discount at PoppySports.com, plus offers from our team sponsors. It literally pays to be a member! 

Our team Starter Kit is available exclusively to Team Poppy Sports members.

About Poppy Sports leader, Melanie Mitchell

Melanie is the vision behind Poppy Sports. She moved to Colorado from her native England and fully embraced the triathlete lifestyle... as well as motherhood, a career and launching a business. 

Some might say that's a little crazy! Completely overwhelmed, under-showered and a little sleep-deprived, she learned first hand how important it is to be part of a support 'village'. 

Poppy Sports started as her dream of a supportive place exclusively for women athletes. Today, it has grown into her ultimate vision of empowering women everywhere through sport.  

Melanie and her crew are training creators and support crew, and importantly they are women who understand how to approach an active lifestyle juggling all that life throws at you.

Come join us

Membership Subscription: $18/month or $216/year

Check out what other people have to say about Team Poppy Sports...

Love the team spirit!

I've really benefited from the monthly challenges. Sometimes we all need a kick in the butt and some accountability! Thanks to the other women I met in the group, I've had the confidence to step up my game and have completed numerous half- and full Ironman races! 

- Maureen, Colorado

Amazing inspiration.

I am a part of the crazy crowd! You know, I work, I'm raising a teenager (!) and married to a mountaineer. I have on my list: rock climbing, biking, raising money for hospitals and supporting native american healthcare. The fact I have the team to rely on is PRICELESS!

- Rachel, Colorado

Join Team Poppy Sports

Membership Subscription: $18/month or $216/year

30-day money back guarantee. If you don't love it, we'll refund your membership, no questions asked.